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Ben Higgins, a veteran of ABC’s hit series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, won over the hearts of loyal viewers with his refreshing vulnerability and willingness to share himself fully. Following his appearances across franchises, Higgins has embarked on numerous ventures, entrepreneurial and otherwise, grounded in faith, a sense of hope for humanity, and a mission to help organizations connect more deeply with their employees and customers.

Higgins co-founded Generous International in 2017, a for-purpose company dedicated to raising money to create jobs, feed children, improve education, and empower communities to eliminate poverty around the world. He additionally founded the podcast, Hope Still Wins, where he sits down with influential thought-leaders to discuss topics ranging from faith and music to mental health and racial injustice. Each guest shares personal stories that have shaped their current view on hope, and are meant to serve, inspire, and connect us — challenging and helping us all to become a better world, together.

Outside of his socially conscious work, he maintains a relationship with his loyal Bachelor fanbase through the iHeartMedia podcast Almost Famous, which he hosts alongside fellow former contestant Ashley Iaconetti. To date, they’ve accumulated over 80 million downloads.

In 2021, Higgins became an author with his first book Alone In Plain Sight, which focuses on reconnecting with yourself, others, and God. 

Ben currently resides in Denver, CO, with his wife and best friend, Jess. Whether it’s showing up well in his marriage, making business decisions, doing a keynote speech, writing a book, or hosting a show, Ben aims to bring light, energy, and an intentional message of connection and hope.



An invitation to friendship. To listening. To understanding. It’s moving toward one another instead of away from. It’s meeting in the middle, it’s active, it’s kind.


The world can be exhausting. To sit is to pause, to take a break from the running and the fighting and the striving that wear us down. 


We’re in this together. It’s not me vs. you, it’s us together, side by side, heart to heart. It’s conversations instead of comments; it’s listening instead of shouting.


I raise my hand. I volunteer to be a part of this, to be vulnerable, to go first. I want to give myself to my friends, my family, my community, to the world. As far as it depends on me, I’m in.

Imagine the change we could affect in the world if we were all willing to just sit with someone. To hear their story, to extend a hand of help or forgiveness, to show up when we’re needed. It’s so easy to frame our world as two sides of a battle, but what if we started reframing it as two people, each with struggles and dreams and stories of their own, just meeting to share a cup of coffee across a table for two? I believe that, more than ever, people are crying out for connection — to themselves, to others, to God. And I believe the first step begins with a simple invitation…

Come sit with me.

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