Ben Higgins is on a mission to bring light, energy, and an intentional message of connection and hope to the world.


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I’ve got my hands in everything from hosting podcasts to founding my for-purpose coffee company, Generous Movement. But whether it’s making business decisions or showing up well in my marriage, I want to always be on the lookout for those that need an invitation. I want to set aside intentional time that allows me to be the person that pulls up a chair, pours a cup of coffee, looks someone in the eye, and actually listens.

Imagine the change we could affect in the world if we were all willing to just sit with someone. To hear their story, to extend a hand of help or forgiveness, to show up when we’re needed. It’s so easy to frame our world as two sides of a battle, but what if we started reframing it as two people, each with struggles and dreams and stories of their own, just meeting to share a cup of coffee across a table for two?

I believe that, more than ever, people are crying out for connection — to themselves and to others. And I believe that the first step begins with a simple invitation: come sit with me.

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Ben is passionate about taking the time to connect. And to Ben, connecting is far more than a fleeting Instagram comment or small talk about the weather. True connection requires us to carve out intentional time to listen. Sign up for email updates from Ben’s team to receive a free download of Ben’s Connection Deck.

This deck includes thought-provoking conversation starters. Sit down with a friend, share them at your next dinner party, invite a stranger to coffee to learn a new perspective, and foster the connection that we all crave.