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Note: Secular and faith-based versions of Ben’s talks are available upon request.

Are you tired of people knowing who you are but no one really knowing you?

As the star of the twentieth season of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins looked like he had it all together. Instead, Ben felt dissatisfied, fearful, and deeply alone. Like so many of us, he thought of himself as the kid who never got picked for the game, the person always on the outside of the joke, the friend who knew a lot of people but was never truly known. He wondered if he mattered at all.

Ben vulnerably shares with the audience how he found an authentic connection with himself, with others, and with God after going so long feeling ‘alone in plain sight.’ He explores ways to understand ourselves more deeply, use our pain for good, and deconstruct our culture’s fairy-tale view of love.

As Ben discovered, in a disconnected world, it is still possible to have lasting purpose and peace, and he gives tactical ways to find purpose and embrace the true meaning of life.

We know what it feels like to feel misunderstood, overwhelmed, afraid, or alone. We know the disappointment of a friendship gone awry, the heartbreak of a family relationship fractured by anger, or the loneliness of feeling like no one has ever quite been in your shoes. In a culture of snap judgments, hiding behind screens, and divisiveness, Ben invites his audience towards connection. Wouldn’t our lives look different if we were constantly invited to connect with those around us? It could be as simple as hearing from a coworker at lunch — come sit with me. Or perhaps even more powerful: what if we were the ones to invite others into friendship?

Whether it’s in your business or in your marriage, Ben explores what it looks like to set aside intentional time that allows you to be the person that pulls up a chair, pours a cup of coffee, looks someone in the eye, and actually listens.

Millennials are consistently told that they are selfish. Gen Z is already being labeled as entitled. We are quick to point out the flaws of younger generations, but what if we called them up instead of calling them out?

In this talk, Ben will help his audience understand how millennials, Gen Z, and even Generation Alpha care about their purpose. As individuals and organizations, we can either reinforce these negative stereotypes or we can take the time to understand and engage with younger generations. Ben will explore how his time on ABC’s hit TV show The Bachelor and his time as CEO and Founder of Generous Coffee has impacted his view of future generations. He’ll also give practical tips on how to attract young talent to your organization, how to engage with the younger generations around you, and what it looks like to find common ground. It’s the common ground that will allow you to speak into the lives of those around you, calling them up rather than simply calling them out, and resulting in not just stronger organizations — but a stronger, more purposeful future.

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